How to turn your unique story & expertise into an online course... and build your #WFA (Work From Anywhere) business—

​See how I make 6-figures per month on repeat
​& help others launch their courses without the topic, time, & tech overwhelm ??
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"How I made $8,000 in 7 days pre-selling my course"
​What You'll learn on this Masterclass
  • SELECT YOUR COURSE TOPIC - a unique topic that sells!... even if you don't know what to teach or think you're "not expert enough"—You'll be confident after this class!
  • ​ CREATE YOUR COURSE CONTENT IN RECORD TIME - Learn how to create your course content in just 1 day AND price it at $500 or higher, even if you're just getting started online 
  • ​ GET PREMIUM COURSE SALES - The must-have content to attract your MVPs (Most Valuable PAYERS) and get customers—How James made $17,000 in 30 days using this method when he had no brand, no website, no following & no course content!
  • ​HIGH PAYING CUSTOMERS - How to find your most valuable PAYERS on social media—how I earned over $25,000 in 1 month from Instagram 
"​Anna's Masterclass is amazing! I generated $1,000 in my business from just what I learned on the free class! You’ll learn the exact steps to take to start earning revenue immediately.” - Art Steele
​Anna Kim launched her first online course in 2012. At Udemy, she worked with thousands of newbie course creators, including influencer icon Guy Kawasaki, as a Course Launch Coach and created courses that have over 50,000 people enrolled around the world.

​Anna currently runs her Course From Scratch program which has helped over 4,000 people create courses on hundreds of unique topics. She's been featured for taking her most recent online course to over $1 million in 2 years.


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